Master Telecom designs, implements and supervises the telecommunication systems for companies, enterprises and mass service providers. The Company develops innovative solutions used in customer service, marketing and business communication.

Our many years experienced specialists and our implementation procedures in accordance with the project management methodology allows us to provide systems for businesses with high demands in the areas of usability, performance and reliability.

Areas of cooperation:
# projects and alignments
# implementations
# trainings
# maintenance services
We supply:
# opensource software
# licensed software
# servers, workstations and network equipment
# integration with other systems
We provide:
# project manager
# phased implementation
# progress reporting
# tests and acceptance protocols


IP Communication Systems

We provide innovative telecommunication systems IP PBX / Unified Communications that generate savings and improve workflow to businesses. The open hardware and software architecture enables the construction of local customer service systems and multi-site enterprise networks. Simple and reliable communication is the key to success of any business.

Call/Contact Center Systems

We deliver multi-channel communication systems to business processes such as infoline, telemarketing, help desk, vindication or CATI. Flexible software, a variety of communication media, redundancy and high performance give you the freedom to supervise the quality and efficiency of mass customer contact. The key to success in any business is building a good relationship with customers.

CRM Systems

We provide evolutional clients data and relationships management systems, contacts scenarios and "relationship marketing" strategy. Integration with external databases or communication systems enable the collection and analysis of data that define the profiles and interests of consumers. Precise knowledge of the needs of the own customers is the best way to build a competitive advantage.

WorkFlow Systems

We deliver flexible systems to design and supervise documents and information flow in the enterprise. Graphic editor of paths, forms and decision points allows to establish and improve the quality procedures in any organization. The efficiency and quality of settling the matters often determines the choice of suppliers of products and services.

SaaS Platforms

We provide modular software and additional services in the online SaaS model (Software as a Service). The monthly subscription fee is adequate to the range of application usage and investment expenditures (CAPEX) are replaced by their operational expenditure (OPEX). Resources in a carrier-class cloud provide stability, security and rapid implementation.