Research and development

Master Telecom develops the offer by designing, testing and implementing new ideas and original technological solutions. Our customers needs, market trends and experts suggestions set the direction of this work. Our R&D department implements this strategy through the design of the new and development of the existing applications.


Mathematical analysis of data

We have been developing our systems with new modules of communications occurrence analysis, based on the mathematical theories of statistics, probability and prediction. Efficient computational algorithms provide managers with current, historic and expected indicators and reports.

Usability and ergonomics

We periodically test and optimize our applications interfaces in order to develop possibly intuitive access panel for the complete information data about the customer and one’s case. Intuitive application simplifies and speeds up consultants work, which has a measurable impact on the customer satisfaction.

Analysis and audio processing

In cooperation with students of the Technical University of Gdansk we realize a project of research the different methods of automatic audio files cataloging. Phone calls are still key subject in business communication, and voice recordings make a comprehensive material for detailed analysis.

Quality Systems

In accordance to actual standards and good industry practices we develop integrated tool for personnel management, knowledge base and information flow. System repeatability and business processes improvement enables the effective management and free scaling of the communication projects.

Mobile Applications

The number of services and applications for tablet/smartphone users is still growing. That’s why this type of interface becomes a ruling standard. Mobile platform gives us the possibility of creating the services beyond traditional communication channels.